A HEC MBA 2010 student diary

Happy Indian Independence day!

Posted in Leadership Training by Faiz Wahid on August 15, 2009

It’s an inspiring real story of true leadership that mobilizes an entire nation to independence from it’s foreign rulers. A salute to all those who fought for our independence and gave us a free India.

India gained independence from the British empire on 15th August 1947. This news is said to have made the greatest headline of the last century.

A short video below shows the chronology of events that took place and the efforts that were put in by the great Indian people and the leaders of those times.

Finally, a beautiful song from the bollywood movie “Leader”, showcasing the   takeaways from the struggle of Indian independence and how applying them may help today’s situation.  [Although, I looked for it, I couldn’t find a video with English sub-titles.]


HEC MBAT 2009 19th Edition Official Video

Posted in Leadership Training, MBAT by Faiz Wahid on May 21, 2009

Here’s is a video from the MBA Tournament held at HEC in May 2009.

MBAT is important at HEC as it is completely student managed.

I missed the event as I went to India to meet my wife and son before I left for my project at NXP in Netherlands. Great fun video, enjoy!

When the going gets tough…

Posted in Leadership Training by Faiz Wahid on April 21, 2009

The tough MBA students of HEC Paris got going during the 2 day offsite leadership training session at the Special Military School of Saint Cyr at Coetquidan in France.

The sessions involved group missions and individual commando-styled trainings which ensured that our minds get trained to “expect the unexpected”. Probably the most important skill for a leader is to anticipate the next thing around the corner (strong lesson for to-be business and political leaders who were witness to the financial crisis that unfolded recently).

Some snaps from the session are below,

St. Cyr Day 1

St. Cyr Day 1

St. Cyr Day 2

St. Cyr Day 2

TEC On Campus – October 2008 Roundup!

Posted in Leadership Training, Personal Updates, TEC - On Campus by Faiz Wahid on October 25, 2008

As before, this month again I had an individual TEC On Campus session with Mr. Brinderson, CEO Brinderson Inc, followed by a day-long group session in Paris on Friday 24th.

My individual session was scheduled just after the Statistics mid-term examination. So, had to wrap up my exam quickly and run for the session organized at the BT Retail Workspace in the Executive MBA Building.

The group session was held at Ritz in Paris where we had an insightful discussion with Mr. Steven Sherwood, the CEO of CWS Capital Partners LLC, on the current financial crisis in the US, its effect on real estate activities and his views on leadership in business & personal life.

HEC TEC Group 2008 with Mr. Steven Sherwood, CEO CWS Capital Partners LLC

HEC TEC On Campus Group 2008 with Mr. Steven Sherwood, CEO of CWS Capital Partners LLC

Aside, we also discussed deeply on topics like financial independence, personal support groups etc which resulted in some home work to be done before the sessions next month. The session overall was very intense resulting in a busy day.

The hospitality at Ritz was good as usual. I must mention that last time, due to Ramadaan, I was unable to taste the food at Ritz. This time I did have lunch there and I must say that the fish was pretty good. Dining once a month at Ritz is not bad after all!

Coming tuesday we have our mid-term examination on Financial Markets. I’ll write more later on this as I have to go back to work now.

TEC On Campus – Introduction and September 2008 roundup

Posted in Leadership Training, Personal Updates, TEC - On Campus by Faiz Wahid on September 21, 2008

Everyone needs support with pressing issues in their personal and professional lives. CEOs and Presidents, leading small or big organizations, are no exceptions to this fact. While a normal person can find support in their superiors, where can a top leader of an organization find similar support without compromising his/her position ?

Enters The Executive Committee (TEC), now Vistage International, which provides a platform for CEO-s of non-competitive industries to interact. TEC is really about peer-to-peer relationships that byfar exceed the realms of abstract ideas and go deep into the real lives and issues of the people involved.

HEC TEC On Campus 2008 Group with Bernard Bismuth

HEC TEC On Campus 2008 Group with Bernard Bismuth

The HEC MBA operates an on-campus version of TEC which tends to replicate the same model with 12 selected MBA participants. The program is led by Gary Brinderson, Founder (1965) Chairman & CEO, Brinderson Inc who chairs one-on-one and group sessions every month with the participants. Effectively, the purpose of this program is to mentor and guide the students in their career, business and life issues.

On 17th September I had my first one-on-one session with Mr. Brinderson. The 45 minute session was well spent on topics which I generally never spoke about aloud. We spoke about my family, relationships in life, how I valued them, fears, drivers etc. The point which my mentor was trying to drive home was that decision-making becomes easier when we make our thoughts explicit. Of course we need to do so in a confidential setting and, I thought, probably TEC is going to provide me with that platform.

My thought came to life with what I experienced at our group session on Friday, 19th September 2008. The whole day session was held at Ritz in Paris and we were introduced to our guest for the day – Mr. Bernard Bismuth who is the General Manager of CCI Eurolam, President of FIEN and holder of more such titles. The interaction we had within the group, with our mentor and with our guest proved to be an intense experience. The day was filled with real life stories, hard lessons of life, their connotation with business principles and how, with a positive attitude towards their future, individuals have garnered courage to overpower the challenges encountered. I learnt a lot. The importance of having a support group, the necessity of gaining financial independence, the skills required to be a successful entrepreneur, the value of maintaining work-life balance, etiquette and much more. Knowing what the On Campus TEC alumni have to say, it seems that the first sessions in September 2008 are only a pre-cursor of the immense value this program provides to all its participants.

Column in Place Vendome, Paris

The experiences shared by others have helped strengthened my existing beliefs and opened me to new perspectives. I am so glad that my family, especially my mother and wife, supported my decision to obtain an MBA at this juncture in life.

Aside, it was also a chance to see Paris again. Ritz is afterall not a bad place to visit every month 🙂 and the Column at Place Vendome definitely marks well the victory of Napoleon in Austerlitz battle of 1805.

Signing off.