A HEC MBA 2010 student diary

Thanksgiving – Enjoy the turkey!

Posted in Personal Updates by Faiz Wahid on November 26, 2009

Today, I had an excellent first thanksgiving dinner of my life with people from 3 generations of a truly exciting american family.

Thanks Pat, John, Tom, Henry, Keller & Mike, Letitia & Mark, Morgan, Chris, Tripper and others.

Enjoy the turkey!


Three most important learnings from my MBA

Posted in Personal Updates by Faiz Wahid on November 21, 2009
This topic came up in a recent discussion with a friend of mine and I thought, I should share it further. Now that I’m almost done with my MBA, I can take a jab on to summarize my learning experience.


Three most important things I learnt from my MBA,

  1. Better judgement of individual strengths and weaknesses
  2. What you can do depends on your own vision, initiative, ability to work with people and the extent of your network
  3. Most businesses can be turned around or built up by sticking to basics (cash is king, avoid debt, keep it simple & stupid etc)

Here, I have purposefully avoided mentioning academics. The point being – it really depends on individual needs. You should know finance to a decent extent, but guess what – most business models are simple BODMAS games.

However, academically speaking, I found the following very important,

  1. Marketing (sums up finance + strategy + people)
  2. Communication (especially corporate communication & sales speech. Note sales speech does not mean selling product or services. It could also mean how you pitch to recruit the right talent and so on)
  3. Case methodology (i.e. quickly grasping the situation, identifying the problem, and coming up with a hypothesis)

Makes sense?